OMM Adventure Lite 20L Backpack

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Product Description

The OMM Adventure Lite 20L is now the target pack for competitors in the OMM event who have appropriate gear and are looking to be relatively competitive. The capacity of the pack is sufficient to carry a tent between two people plus the requisite gear such as waterproofs, sleeping bag and cooker. However, this is only true if you have competitive lightweight gear. Less hardcore entrants may be better off with a Classic 25L or 32L pack.

If on the other hand, you are a runner or hiker looking for a smallish and light daypack then the OMM Adventure Lite 20L Pack will also be a good match for less adventurous user.

We like the fact that whilst every effort has been made to reduce weight the shoulder straps are still substantial enough to remain nice and comfortable.

Capacity: 20L

Weight: 485g

Product Features

Leanweight Link System enables use of TRIO chest pouch, means efficiency on the hill because you have what you need when you want. We call this OTMA, On The Move Accessibility

Tool carry capability increased, helmets, shovels; see chart top r/h

Bottle carry – 2 mesh side pockets are angled in holster fashion – OTMA again

Leanweight Chassis – puts strength where it is needed



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